Below you will find an overview about the prices and commission services I am offering. All prices shown are meant to be guidelines. I hope you understand that I do not have a complete and extensive price list for paint jobs or individual basing. Due to your personal colour choices every commision will be unique and won't fit into a simple list.


Take your sweet time and give me a hint if you have any questions.


Red Label Minipainting  Quality

Simple quality - Entry Level

(starting at 8,00 EUR per mini)

Simple Tabletop Standard.

Basecolour, one matching shadow/wash and some simple accents. Eyes and faces will not be painted. Some smaller imperfections are possible due to the painting speed.



Appropriate for normal sized Tabletop-Minis, large groups, board games and projects with a small budget.


» Samples

Black Label Minipainting Quality

Standard Quality - Basic Level

(starting at 20,00 EUR per mini)

TT Standard to TT+ Standard.

Basecolours and shadowing in matching colours and additional highlighting. Eyes and faces will be painted. By request I will also use the airbrush for painting (possible extra charge).


Appropriate for normal and medium sized miniatures or board games and projects with a larger budget.



» Samples

Golden Label Minipainting Quality

High Quality - Premium Level

(starting at 45,00 EUR per mini)

TT++ Standard.

Basecolours, colour matching shadows and highlights with advanced painting techniques like layering and glazing. Airbrushing is included. Additional effects and elaborate basing are possible.


Appropriate for heroes, single and/or large models, as well as board games and projects with plenty of time and an unlimited budget.


» Samples

I will take commissions on short and long term projects. In certain circumstances I can take express-projects at an additional cost.


The commission process is real easy! Just shoot me an e-mail with the details of your project (figurines, colour scheme, basing etc.) and I will get back to you with a qoute and a timeline. Payment for first time customers is half up front plus material costs and the second half plus shipping only when you are satisfied with the painting. Returning customers will have to pay just the material costs up front and the paintjob when you are happy with my work.


Since all project are done custom to your specifications, unfortunately I cannot provide any refunds after you have approved my work and received your items.

Colour Conception

Im my opinion, colour conception is an essential part of miniature painting and therefore has a special place within my services. If you have no idea which colours your mini's should get we will elaborate a unique colour concept. Even if I shall not paint your minis, you can use that service.

Colour Concept "Standard":

Planing of base- and highlightcolours

- included in all paintjobs

Colour Concept "Premium":

includes the "Standard Package" +

personal preliminary talk via telephone, Skype or Discord +

2nd conversation (by request) to plan the highlight colours   


- add. 7,00 EUR per miniature up to 40 mm (height without base)

- add. 10,00 EUR per miniature up to 100 mm

- add. 15,00 EUR per Miniatur exceeding 100 mm

Colour Concept "Exclusive":

includes the "Premium Package" +

extensive personal preliminary talk about all details regarding the paintjob +

coordination of base- and highlightcolours within hero-squads +

digital colour-card per miniature-concept included    

- add. 20,00 EUR per Miniatur up to 40 mm (height without base)

- add. 30,00 EUR per Miniatur up to 100 mm

- add. 40,00 EUR per Miniatur exceeding 100 mm

All quoted prices include no VAT according to §19 UStG and are non-binding offers.