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Hello and a hearty welcome!


My name is Ralph and I am the one who is rocking the brushes here at "Catesby & Fawkes Miniatures". As a qualified insurance salesman (born 1985) I am using my free time to relax at the painting table with some music and a primed mini. Of course everything is registered, with bills and paper works as it is supposed to be for a good painting service.


I came to miniature painting through an invitation into a tabletop-RPG group for DSA (The Dark Eye) in May 2018. As our DM started to use miniatures on the table, like D&D does, I could not handle the blank white metal of the minis very long. So I bought some brushes, colours and a wet palette and started painting right away without knowing anything about what will happen next. I had no clue of priming and had never heard of highlights or contrasts before, but somehow I managed to finish some "good" looking minis. And the best thing: I had fun with it!


Meanwhile I am a DM for Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) myself and I noticed how much minis I need to use on one single gaming day. Many DMs don't care if their minis are not painted, but I get really annoyed by this. It destroys so much potential for the players and their imagination of the world they are in


Despite having a rough start with painting I managed to expand my skills, techniques and colours over time. As I wanted to fulfill my wish of an own airbrush in mid 2019 my wife set the condition that I shall open a commercial painting service for tabletop-figurines, Dungeons & Dragons -minis, board games and this "Warhammer Thing". No sooner said than done! This is my website and I hope you are my next commission partner!


I specialize in fantasy figurines, especially heroes, animals and NPCs, which are used in tabletop-RPGs and board games like Dungeons & Dragons [DnD], The Dark Eye [DSA], Rising Sun and Nemesis. However, the models of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Malifaux and Warmachine have a special charm that teases me on a unique level. I am not afraid of Sci-Fi-figurines or larger projects. You grow along with your tasks. ;-)


My painting style is described as "comicish" but "natural". I like to use subtle edge highlighting with beefy hues and  strong contrasts. I recommend, that you form your own opinion about my style. You will find impressions in my showroom.


If you have any questions I am pleased to help you out. Just shoot me an e-mail or leave a message on my answering machine. I am happy to hearing from you!